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On September 27th, we brewed an amber ale featuring fresh, whole hops on the Maltose Falcons 40 gallon brewery.


After some grain mill problems, we were underway.


The star of the show:


The hops were brought by a hop farmer friend of the club’s president.


The grain bill is above. The other hops employed are below.  We did not find the second bag of golden promise, so we substituted with 14lbs Maris Otter.



Cascade was used as a mash hop.  


Mash-in at 152° 75 lbs into 80 quarts.  1.060 OG was the goal. Nailed it.


We added the big sack of fresh hops as a late addition.


The process was fun and the equipment was excellent.  The HERMS setup was very cool and automatic temperature control made things very easy.

Took home two carboys of ~4 gallons each.

One was WLP 090 San Diego Super and the other WLP 013 London Ale.  The 090 was much better.  Hops on display.


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