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Monthly Archives: December 2010

We got the parts together for our Blichmann Beer Gun and have given it a try.

We got eight 22 ounce bottles cleaned and sanitized. We put them in the fridge to bring them down to the same temperature as the beer.

We used 3lbs of pressure to push four bottles of American Blonde and four bottles of IPA into our clean, chilled bottles. Capped them off with some color coded caps (green = IPA) and put them back in the fridge. We shall see how it works out.


Who says it never rains in L.A.?

It has been pouring for two days. That’s not stopping brew day, however.

Another lager is being born. This one is a Bitburger style.

We hit our temps this time pretty well. Hoping this one comes out right.

We kegged the lager after a long primary.   The temperature was always a bit too low.  At least until we got our fermentation heater.  I think we could cut at least a week off of our ferment time now that we can raise as well as lower the temps.

We added an aquarium “under tank” heater in an effort to bring our fermenting chamber temperatures up to target.

We shall see how it works…