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Monthly Archives: February 2011

While one of us was skiing in the Sierras, the other was hard at work, brewing a weiss beer.

60% efficiency and another stuck kettle were hallmarks of this single handed attempt. The result (now only half fermented) is tasting damn good.

It was decided that half the 10 gallon batch would be racked over cherries. As cherries are out of season, we found some frozen cherries to put in one fermenter.

More on this later…


We bought two kegs from a small brewery to upgrade our rig. First cut is the top.

We are hoping to replace our boil kettle with something bigger than the current Guinness 50 liter keg with an American 15.5 gallon keg.  This should give us an extra 20% of room in the kettle.

We also are thinking of replacing our HLT as the current one is bashed up and our pick up tube is a installed an inch and a half too high (we usually can get all the water out if running continuously, but if we stop within the last few gallons, our pick up tube starts sucking air into our pump).

We may reuse the Guinness keg as a fermenter.  More to come on that.