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We are brewing a clone of Modern Times’ super delicious City of the Sun IPA.


Recipe below (supplied by the brewery via Beer Smith):



Ingredients include hop extract an we are fired up to use some of our hop jizz that has been sitting in the fridge for the past many months.


We are also stoked about a few new improvements to the brewery, including fresh transfer hoses, new valves and quick disconnects.  The valves and disconnects are Blichmann’s finest.



We did not use the FermCapS that we usually use and had a boil-over on hop addition.  Never again.  Better living through chemistry.

Split batch, as usual, with one WLP001 and one WLP090. New White Labs packaging works well.

Hit the number for original gravity (1.060) on the nose.

All buttoned up and ready for fermentation. We were able to pitch yeast and Clarity Ferm straight out of the Therminator. Love that cold tap water.

We plan to brew something in two weeks and will rack the new wort on top of these two yeast cakes. Just got to figure out what our next recipe will be…

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