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Monthly Archives: May 2010

We bought a couple of thermometers from and only one arrived. We wished it had not.

This thing worked great for our first batch of the day. Good accuracy. You could set timers and temperature alarms. It lit up as well as beeped when you hit your desired temp or time. It stopped working as we brought the first batch up to boil.

As you can see the temperature got stuck (at 210 degrees) it slowly went down but stopped at 165 degrees where it sits more than a week later. Time to get a new solution to temperature monitoring.



We brewed two 5 gallon batches, the “Black Widow Porter” and the “Hoppiness is an IPA” recipes from the excellent book “Brewing Classic Styles.”



We made a few changes to the brewery since our previous (first) batch. The wiring was redone to bring the switches away from the pumps. The crimp clamps on the hoses were replaced with worm screw hose clamps. The frame was also hit with an awesome orange high temp paint.