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We broke out the hydrometer and took a look at the two different wheat beers that we are fermenting right now. The same base beer, 50% pilsner malt, 50% wheat malt, but two different yeast strains. We tossed in WLP 300 in one and WLP 400 in the other. That’s the beauty of always having to split your batches. We went with a lower than normal fermentation temp for the first week, 62 F, and that was fine for the WLP 300 which was sitting at 1.013 gravity after 10 days. The WLP 400 did not like the lower temp and was only at 1.022. We turned up the temp controler and bam! the whole place went nuts. bubbles from the WLP 400! Huge movement. We are going to brew a proper Wit tomorrow with spices, oats, and all. More updates from the brew kettle.