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We decided to invest a little time and attention to our serving system.

We created a serving “wedge” instead of a “collar” for our larger freezer.  The collar is a common way to raise the lid of a freezer to allow kegs to fit inside, and mount faucets to the collar, converting it to a “keezer”.  Our freezer is plenty deep enough for kegs so converting it would only add the serving function to what we already have.

We have been serving our beer at a benefit for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  We developed a “wedge” to allow us to have the serving function of a collar without permanent modification of the freezer.   A simple U shaped wooden structure with a flat face and wedge shaped sides did the trick.  A post here describes the old unit.

We simply re-drilled the six holes (to one inch) and installed 3 1/8 inch shanks, faucets that we had laying around, and thirty feet of hose (5 feet each).  We finished each hose with a  1/4 MFL fitting, as is our custom.  This allows us to attach ball, pin or sanke taps.

Still need to get one more faucet handle.






One trick to get the MFL fittings on the hose is to mount the fitting on a tap and use it to get the grip and leverage required to insert the barbed end into the hose.



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