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We made a clone of Southern Tier’s imperial milk stout named creme brulee.  We had not tried the beer but it sounded pretty good.  Famous last words…

The beer involved an impossibly huge amount of grain.  Think barley wine quantities. 

We had to do a thicker mash than we wanted as our mash tun was too small for what I remember as 38lbs of grain.  Add some caramelized sugar and you have a lot of fermentables.  We missed our target OG by more than a few points. 
We made ten gallons of this, and given our poor efficiency, we also ran 5 gallons of second runnings for a party guile.

The Creme Brulee tasted pretty good while still, but should be very good when we get out gassed.

The party guile is an excellent deceivingly dark lawnmower beer.  Light hoped and light body.  Best part: it was free.



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