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We are brewing a Kolsch. We have wanted to do one for a long time. We had a great unfiltered example at Gordon Biersch in San Diego and it felt like the right time to finally get it going.

Lots of new stuff being used for the first time:
1) Temperature controlled yeast starter.
2) Grain mill (Monster Mill 3 roller)
3) Oxygen stone.
4) 5.2 pH stabilizer

Add the above to our first decoction (this one is a double decoction but we missed temp on the second so call it a 2.5 decoction) and we really have our hands full.

We also purchased six new kegs. Four are 5 gallon and two are 3 gallon size. The guy at the shop told us that they belonged to Emilio Estavez but he had too many and sold these back to the store. We just want to party with his brother.

In six weeks, or so, we shall know if we took on too many changes to get this beer right.


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