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On April 10th we brewed a robust porter. It was started by one of us while the other had to work until the mash was almost done. That is why we have no photos. 😦

Mash strike temp was hit perfectly. The whole process was pretty smooth.

The next week we racked one half of the batch onto a half pound of cocoa nibs and kegged the other half.

The week after we kegged the cocoa porter and added a half a pint of strong cold press coffee and quarter pound of lactose dissolved in a quarter pint of water. These proportions were gauged by tasting a sample as we slowly added tiny amounts of the adjuncts. These quantities were then scaled up to 4.5 gallon size. This was then gassed.

We plan on another brew day this weekend. We will taste the gassed beers then. One will be sent to the Longshot brewing contest at Boston Brewing.

Recipes:  04.10.2011 Robust Porter    04.10.2011 Mocha Porter


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