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After many attempts to chemically clean the inside of the kegs, good old-fashioned scrubbing got it done. Some assistance from various power tools assisted as well.

Hole was drilled, bulkhead fitting and false bottom were attached.

Also some improvements to the stand were added. Wind shields for the boil side were fabricated and installed.

A Sunday brew day awaits us. It will feel nice to have that extra room in the BK for. We need it.

Repeats of the American and Euro_trash blonde ales next.


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  1. I am pals with Marcie in Chicago. Curtis Linder – I am a rookie (slash slacker) homebrewer. Our local homebrew club meets at a place called Brixie’s in Brookfield, IL.

    Your beer blog looks great. I’ve been brewing for just 2 years now and make about 3 batches each winter. Kit/extract with spec. grains is all I do. I have never bottled – went direct to Cornies and I love the ease (again – slacker) of that. I love your setup and the photos are great too!

    ~ Curtis Linder
    LaGrange IL

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