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Our good buddy John approached us again to brew a beer for yet another birthday (sucks that they keep coming so fast, but the alternative sucks worse).

He had an idea for a lemon rosemary saison. He brought lemons and rosemary sprigs from the same garden in which he hosts the party.

All went like clockwork. We were going to add a pound of candy sugar but used approximately 3/4 of a pound of bottling sugar and a half a pound of brown sugar. The wort tasted great!

This beer was pitched with a Wyeast French Saison yeast and an Abbey 2 Saison yeast that we built up with starters for two days. Just a few hours after pitching, both carboys were going strong.

The carboys are better bottles.  We picked up four when an online homebrew store had a 20% off sale.  They are light!  The opening is the same size as our larger glass carboys but the inner is big thanks to the thin walls of the bottle.  They take a huge #10 stopper.  Our first impressions are favorable but we shall see how they clean up in a few weeks.  Long term durability is still a question as well.

We will ferment in the garage in the fabulous Los Angeles heat.  We are looking for some good Belgian esters and a dry finish.

After brewing we tore apart all the stainless and brass fittings for a thorough cleaning.  We will probably replace some gaskets and all the teflon  tape before reassembly.







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