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Today was another double batch day.  We are brewing a heffeweisen and an IPA.

The Hef is built from our tried and true recipe but we are using mostly pilsner malt and a Weinheinstephan strain of yeast.   The yeast is really going gangbusters as a starter.


We missed our mash temp by 10° (low) and had to scramble to get it fixed. 

The IPA was inspired by a prize from the NHC.  Epic brewing of Utah awarded us a 5 gallon all grain IPA kit and instead of using it this weekend, we decided to use the yeast cakes from our Belgian blondes for a Belgian rye IPA. 


3lbs of rye and 2 lbs of oats, plus some caramunich, biscuit and special B make this one of the most complex grain bills ever. 


Lots of hops on a stupidly elaborate schedule add to the fun.



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