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In, yet another, brutal, rain-soaked brew day, we managed to make 10 gallons of blonde ale.

10 gallons are dosed with Safale US-05 and 10 are with our starter batch of WLP-550 Trappist yeast.

Despite the downpour, our process worked well. We overshot our temperatures by 5 degrees or so, as our losses were negligible in the cold weather. We broke a beautiful 6 gallon carboy (as it barely kissed another carboy during cleaning).

We got 70% efficiency and hit our beginning gravity on the spot.

The fermenters were going strong within 12 hours.

We are hoping to include both in our AHA competition entries (due in 9 days). Cutting it close.

Recipe: 03.20.2011 One Eight Blonde Ale v3


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